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Amazon Area Manager Interview Los Angeles, CA

You have 30 team members working 8 hour shifts, 5 days per

  week. 2 team members need to be non producing Your direct rate is 150 hours There are two 15 minute breaks per day How many units will your team produce in a 40 hour week?

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I answered the question wrong. Although I was told I got half of the question right... I knew I wasn't close

Interview Candidate on May 6, 2015

157,500 units produced in a work week.


28 associates X 150 rate X 37.5 = 157,500

Justin on Jun 15, 2015

Justin...I just had an interview and followed the same process as yours (different numbers of course). However, do you think we should have accounted for a 1 hour lunch break? Or going off of what was given should be okay?

Brian on Oct 19, 2015

You don’t account for an unpaid 30 minute lunch break— answer is correct

Anonymous on Oct 4, 2017

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