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Account Manager Interview New York, NY

You have 8 coins. One is slightly heavier than the other

  7. You have a scale. It costs $100 each time you use the scale. If you identify the heaviest coin you will get $250.

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The closest I could get was losing $50.

Interview Candidate on Nov 14, 2011

Easy, I can get it done for $200 and still gain $50.

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2011

Take 6 coins and weigh 3 on each side (cost: $100).
If they are even weigh the remaining two coins (cost: $100). You get $50.

If they are NOT even take the 3 coins on the heavy side.
Weigh two of the coins (cost: $100) Either way, you have the heavy coin and have $50.

AnotherAnon on Jan 5, 2012

First, I'd ask what the coins are (nickel, penny, etc.). If 7 are pennies and one is a nickel, I don't need to weigh them. I'll take the entire $250 thank you.

D.W. on Mar 5, 2015

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