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You have a process (black box) that takes inputs in and

  produces an output. You have 3 knobs to control the process. One controls the time the input is in the process, one controls the temperature of the process, and one controls the pressure of the process. How do you determine the ideal operating conditions?

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Ignoring known chemical and thermodynamic properties of the input material (unspecified input) and not having access to kinetic and equilibrium data describing the input to output reaction process, I recommended running a pilot test adjusting each knob, holding other settings constant to establish relationships between the manipulated variables (t, T, P) and their effect on the input to output process. Then figure out ideal conditions based on maximizing profit while maintaining output performance standards.

Most questions did not have a strict correct answer. They want to get a picture of how you approach problems and of your general thought process.

Interview Candidate on Feb 26, 2015

You could always run a "DOE" ...

Anonymous on Dec 29, 2015

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