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They asked about my previous experience. But that doesn't matter. They basically hire anyone.

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I told them about my experience and how I was pursuing a masters degree in ABA. Didn't matter however, they only paid $1 over starting rate.

CBI provides a comprehensive training program at hire. Each RBT starts within $1-$2 starting rate range as everything going forward is competency based. If you excel in training and have a positive attitude your pay reflects this quickly. CBI provides the support for you to grow and sets you up for success.


What would you do if a child was throwing a tantrum but was fine earlier?

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How do you feel about the salary since it is lower that what a public school can offer?

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What is your experience working with children?

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How do you feel with working with autistic kids?

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They ask about your experience and why you want to work here

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I was asked why I wanted to work for the Children Learning Center?

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Experience, scenario based questions

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How much experience do you have in ABA

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qualifications and knowledge of ABA

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