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Center for Behavior Intervention
ABA Therapist was asked...April 25, 2017

They asked about my previous experience. But that doesn't matter. They basically hire anyone.

4 Answers

CBI provides a comprehensive training program at hire. Each RBT starts within $1-$2 starting rate range as everything going forward is competency based. If you excel in training and have a positive attitude your pay reflects this quickly. CBI provides the support for you to grow and sets you up for success. Less


I've never heard of anyone gaining higher pay based on competency.

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Centria Healthcare

What would you do if a child was throwing a tantrum but was fine earlier?

3 Answers

Depending on the age of the child. Under 3 remove them from the situation until they calm down. Reasoning with a child under 3 normally will not work, they do not have that ability to understand reasoning. Over 3 remove them and after they calm down, then talk to them about this behavior and what you are expecting from them. Do not ever give in and give them what is causing the tantrum. You will lose every time there after. Less

depending on the age of the child remove them from the situation and let them calm down then talk to them if verbal then let them know that if they can show they can get through unpreferred activity they can get something they want, if not remove them from the situation and let them calm down and then show them several items and wait for them to express interest through touching it then resume activity while placing preferred it out of reach and let them know that when activity is done they can get preferred item Less

I'd remove them from the situation and let them calm down then I would ask what's wrong. If it's an activity they don't want to do, I would use something that interests them as a motivator to get them to follow rules. If it's a disagreemtn between kids I would try to settle the disagreement in a way that's fair to all kids involved Less

Nashoba Learning Group

How do you feel about the salary since it is lower that what a public school can offer?

2 Answers

I was willing to accept the lower salary because of the convenience of the location of the school and the hours since I have children of my own and I am really looking forward to having the same vacation weeks (Thanksgiving, Winter, February, and April). I am also happy that NLG is going to support me as I accrue my supervision hours required for my BCBA requirements. Less

If you want a serious career in ABA DO NOT WORK AT NASHOBA. so many Ethical violations. They hire kids just out of college that dont know better, don't be fooled. BACB TAKE NOTICE!!!!! Less

Centria Healthcare

What would you do if your child became distracted during a lesson?

2 Answers

I would find a way to redirect them and remove the distractions if possible such as moving to a room without distractions or taking away the item distracting them. If verbal try to talk to tehm about what is distracting them. If needed resume lesson weh child is ready to focus Less

I'd try several things: remove the distraction if possible for example a toy that's distracting them or move into a place without the distraction. I would also stop the lesson and find out what is on the students' mind if redirection didn't work Less

Centria Healthcare

What is your experience working with children?

2 Answers

I have been working as a private/small group tutor with children from disadvantaged backgrounds in reading and language arts aged k-6th grade. I have afterschool educator for 2 years with the same population and spent one year in a moderate/severe autism class Less

12 years as an individual/small group tutor to kids in underserved communities in grades k-6 in math and language arts. I also did 2 years as an afterschool educator to the same population and 1 year in a mod/severe autism class Less

Centria Healthcare
ABA Therapist was asked...September 17, 2015

How do you feel with working with autistic kids?

2 Answers

I am fine with it as I have had one year in a moderate/severe autism class so I am comfrotable with cleaning student, implementing goals, supervising during outdoor recess, lunch, field trips Less

I am fine with it as I have experience in assisting with self care and implementing IEP academic goals for autistic kids Less

Centria Healthcare

what is your experience with children and autism?

2 Answers

I spent one year in a mod/severe autism class implimenting IEP goals, supervising lunch and recess and running morning circle. Last year I worked with a high functioning autistic student in reading Less

I spent one year working with a high functioning autistic on reading intervnetion. i asked simple questions and had him point to the answers. I spent 1 year in a mod/severe class implementing IEP goals, running morning circle and supervising outdoor recess and lunch Less

The Autism Therapy Group

They ask about your experience and why you want to work here

2 Answers

I told them about my personal experiences working with children.

I do not have any experience but I hope you allow me to work for this organization and let me showcase my skills and knowledge. Less

Therapy Associates

How much experience do you have in ABA

1 Answers

I have several years of experience working with children, and have 1 year working in a self contained ABA room in a public school district. Less

City Pro Group

qualifications and knowledge of ABA

1 Answers

listed my qualifications and my experiences with ABA

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