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Tell us about your past employers

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All information is in the packet you made me fill out

It's unfortunate placement/temporary agencies conduct business like that. I understand your experience completely. I guess it applies to the "numbers" game. At RobertHalf the staffing specialist stated employers are now using the "vetting" service more these days. Temp. to permanent is currently 1 to 2 years. I choose not to believe that. Please check out "workitdaily" website. It is phenomenal! JT O'Conner, HR consultant has put together an employment strategy to obtain those interviews. So, I revamped my resume and landed a position. She has weekly "live" webinars and sher and her staff followup to ltr/CV reviews within 24 hours. There are so many critical modules with important information. The monthly subscription is $19.00 (with promo code) and you can stop anytime. It is worth every penny....believe me. Good Luck.

This agency was the worst in human relations. For the most part, during our Skype interview, the agent looked at his keyboard and not the screen. Makes me wonder the guilt associated with all that contradiction spewing from his mouth. Or that he was a music major, paying the bills in this position. Not a very good experience, but hey, I did not need their services after all.

What position are you interviewing for?

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Asked personal questions and pried when I didn't feel comfortable disclosing close and personal information. Asked if I thought was qualified for this position. Asked about my history and background in sales.

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Fake Doors needs both Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign(s) to generate company (employer) leads. In other words, they need leads from companies who want to hire on-demand talent. They do NOT need campaigns to attract new freelance talent to their talent network. Fake Doors is looking for you to draft up and share important campaign components (ad copy, ad creative, landing page ideas, campaign structure, audiences, etc.) for their feedback. We are expecting these as part of your deliverables. In addition, we will have a kickoff call with the client to make sure we have everything we need to get started. The client had a few general questions (non-specific to their business) they would like discussed on the kickoff call. Draft up responses you would expect to share on the call. Google Ads: What are best-practices / strategies for scaling campaigns? What are SKAGs and should we use them? Why or why not? How can we leverage automated bidding strategies with no conversions? How do Conversion Action Sets work and when should we use them? Do you have any typical scripts that you’d recommend us to use? Facebook Ads: What are best-practices / strategies for scaling campaigns? What’s the difference between horizontal and vertical scaling? Is ROAS a good determinator of ads performance? What is delayed attribution and should we use it? Which should we use: Standard events vs Custom Events vs Custom Conversions? What are some ways to increase AOV on a product / service?

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Didn't make it past first base - declined interview.

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Describe a scenario where an employee or peer hadn't met professional expectations. How did you deal with this situation to correct?

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Do you have children? What are their ages? Who is going to watch them while you are traveling? When are you going to have your next child?

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How do you work in teams?

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How do I prepare for success

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How would you describe Drawbridge?

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