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Accountant Financial Analyst Interview Questions


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Give an example of a conflict you've had at work and how did you resolve it?

Nothing strange or difficult questions. Discuss a time where you went above and beyond what was asked of you. Tell us how you might translate your unique journey into innovative ideas. Explain an example that speaks to the “go-getter” nature in you. And such

Tell me about a time you initiated process improvement by thinking outside the box

They asked some basic interview questions. The part I liked was that they handed me a set of 20 multiple-choice questions on basic accounting. They said it is their way of determining which team to assign new hires to. Part of the questions were: what are the two types of accounting methods? What type of account is accumulated depreciation?

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How do you describe your database management skills

How can your previous work experiences help you with this career?

None - it was your basic interview process: what's your b/g? why PNG? tell me about specific projects? etc...

1/Why would you think you would be a good fit? 2/ Some technical questions 3/ How would you handle multiple tasks? 4/ Example of a team you were in that failed in doing their job.