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Do you like working long hours?

5 Answers

Yes, i love to work beacause i get bore sitting in home with no work. Its very boring to seat in home.

yes, i do like working long hours.

I'm happy to work with a high salary and strong big company...

Are you good at excel? Do you know how to use quick book?

7 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

2 Answers

This company will not consider you if you don’t reply with salary requirements.

3 Answers

When you use excel, can you do it right off the bat or have to look it up in the book?

3 Answers

Are you willing to work overtime including weekends to make sure your boss is happy from you?

2 Answers

Are you crazy for wanting a job in this group?

2 Answers

How far apart is the hour and minute hand a 3:15?

6 Answers

How many ridges are on a quarter?

2 Answers

What do you think of the Hilton brand and Paris Hilton?

2 Answers
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