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Write a code for finding a certain element in an unsorted array assuming element definitely exists. How can we improve the efficiency?

3 Answers

i think the simplest way to solve is to scan it once, it will have O(n) complexity well any other answers?

it's O(n) to improve efficiency sort it first : O(nlgn) then every look-up becomes O(lgn)

O(n) ia always smaller than O(nlogn)+O(logn). hence linear search will always be efficient

why we wanted to work for AA, the importance of customer service, experiences we've had that would prepare us for that particular position, etc.

2 Answers

Most unexpected question was "how are your accounting skills?"

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

Familiarity with excel, years of experience, current place in school.

1 Answer

Can you work under pressure?

1 Answer

They asked varied questions according to my experiences.

1 Answer

What do you do in your spare time?

1 Answer

When I would quit my 2nd, part time job waiting tables if I was hired on because in her opinion working there should be more than enough money for anyone

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Standard interview questions

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