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Will you be willing to prepare a written plan of action, how you would go about improving the accounting operation and the closing process and present this plan at the next interview.

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I worked up a plan of action and a series of target deadlines after I was given a day to review the accounting departments operations.

Ask me when I can show up for an onsite, told them right away and open. Guess not good enough

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none, no curveballs, all relevant appropriate questions

No surprises. Like any interview, do your homework.

Are you ready to travel around the world with the free trips we have?

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Provide me with a brief history of your financial and accounting experience.

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Tell me about a time when .... and how did you handle it?

Questions mainly pertained to self-motivation; working under pressure; team environments; being a leader, etc. Very typical entry-level finance questions. There were some minor technical questions on understanding basic accounting finance concepts, but nothing you shouldn't know.

Describe a situation where you received constructive criticism and how you handle it.

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