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Accounting Intern Interview Questions

Accounting Intern Interview Questions

"Employers hiring accounting interns are looking for applicants who excel on teams and are excited to provide assistance with audits. Strong organizational, interpersonal, and time management skills are desired. While little formal experience is required, be prepared to discuss your knowledge of basic accounting as well as your proficiency with Microsoft Office tools."

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Share a real life experience that you were looked as a team leader?

There really werent any 'hard' questions. I would say the hardest part is they expected me to be able to talk to them more than they asked questions. They would state stuff I had written on my resume and then just say... talk about it. I asked most the questions.

Nothing really difficult. Pretty laid back

They will ask you something along the lines of "Say you have a tenant in one space who is late on rent every month, and it today 3 months behind. You know the ins and outs of his/her business and it's not looking good, they may have to close shop, keeping all this in mind, how would you approach them?"

What was your least favorite accounting course in school and do you think that would interfere with your ability to do your work here?

What issues does our company have with Corporate Accounting?

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