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How long can you work for a company without getting regular paychecks?

1 Answer

I can and did work for a long time with numerous weeks of payroll that were never paid. As long as they paid at least every other week, I could make it, but when they went 3 to 4 weeks without a paycheck, I had to draw the line. I was driving 100 round trip miles per day and with today's gas prices was spending more than $100.00 a week.

Describe how polictical it was at your last job?

1 Answer

How do you deal with difficult people

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The most difficult question was, " Why did Shirley Wang start the door manufacturing business in Ashtabula"?

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Questions were not to unusual - what can you do for us? Why would you want to come here?

Tell me about your experience working with fixed asset unitization

I remember them asking my experience in supervising employees

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They asked a lot of questions. All written down from Why are you looking to leave your current job? What would your current supervisor say is your biggest weakness? If you could be a superhero who would you be and why? What makes you qualified to do this job? Why do you want to work here?

Describe your experience with general ledgers.

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