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A potential, very potentially profitable, client calls you up, saying they're interested in your product. They need to speak to your CEO ASAP. If this isn't possible, you know for a fact this deal is off the table. The CEO is in an important meeting, but in an absolute emergency, is available. What do you do? (NOTE: I danced around giving a firm answer as best as I could, but the interviewers forced me to give an advice is, regardless of what your answer to tough questions may be if interviewing w/ Epic, just give one. You'll be forced to one anyways, delaying it makes you look weak and indecisive.)

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I said I'd interrupt the CEO's meeting. I also didn't get an offer. Read into that what you will.

Key word here... potential. Not until this is a solid client, with a lot known...would I ever interrupt my CEO. Btw.... I find the line ‘you know this deal is off the table’ bologna with a ‘potential’

What is the most important part of the sales cycle to you? Qualification, Presentation, Negotiation or Close?

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If you were handed 50 new target accounts how would you start?

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typical selling strategy questions

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Questioned why I never confronted a past employers unethical behavior, and why I never possessed the ability to see a past lay-off coming my way.

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That Link to the test: Johny has a blue apple and gave it to Jenny who traded that blue apple for the banana that Tom gave her earlier what did Jenny trade Tom to get that banana

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The second interviewer flat out asked me, "You mentioned you recently graduated, so why haven't you been able to get a job up until now?" (A weird and rude question at the same time.)

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The most interesting question I was asked that I NEVER saw coming was "why do you feel people go on glass door and write review?" LOL. Now here I am

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Are you a positive person?

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would you sign up a CPA?

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