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Clarion Housing Group
Accounts Payable Administrator was asked...October 26, 2018

What was one time that you made the wrong decision?

1 Answers

I asked to come back to this question as I struggled with it at first, and the interview panel did mention they often have people not able to provide an answer and appreciated that I did. I answered that I regretted a change in job, to help a former employer as it was not the right move for me, although arguably it was still the right move as it was correct for the team at the time. Less

Transpacific Foods

Detailed questions regarding job experience in accounting.

1 Answers

Purchase Orders, Approval Process, Accounting Logs, Etc. Basic Accounting information will be plenty. Less

Raqmiyat LLC

what can you do to our company ? that the correct question that i think but the all ask about what programs you know or what scientific certificate which i have or how long time your experience

1 Answers

st , the quetion that i prefer , i said second and third question , i have thim and over of data and information wich help me up to marks . Less

Ocean Spray

If given the opportunity to be a manager, what kind of manager would you be?

1 Answers

If given the opportunity to be a manager, I would be the type of manager that would go to the end of the earth for my team. The type of manager that would lead by example and also act on my teams concerns and issues instead of just listening and then disregarding them. I would be the type of manager that would care about my team as though they were another extension of my family. The reason for this is because I had such a manager in the past and she brought out the best in me. She made me want to strive to be better and I never wanted to let her down. Less


I was asked to introduce myself. I was asked to discuss my education and experience.

1 Answers

I had followed the outline of my CV expanding on sections relevant to the job.

Clarion Housing Group

How important is equality and diversity in the workplace?

1 Answers

Equality and diversity both are having same value at workplace, to ensure the everyone has same opportunities and fair treatment. All deserve to work in good environment whether they work in 2 people or 1000+ and irrespective they work in an office or shop floor. Less


Demonstrate the RISE Values with your own examples

1 Answers

Notice time for your current employer

Amerit Fleet Solutions

How many years experience.

1 Answers

Over 15 years

Concord Pacific

Tell me about yourself ?

Medical Teams International

There was an odd focus at one point on how long I've been out of work. It was very quick but made me feel uncomfortable.

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