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Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

1 Answer

This one is always tricky and I should have done my homework!! I was honest and said 'alone', however that did not mean I was not a team player - I was just as capable of working within a team and enjoying it, but I prefer to work alone in a position like AP. I said I was used to working on teams at times in my 20+ years experience and enjoyed both settings.

They asked quite a few problem solving questions. For example, what would you do if.... ? How would you handle.... ?

1 Answer

Initial interview: Share one conflict you've had and how you resolved it. First in-person interview: Software I'm familiar with. Last in-person interview: Why CDW? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Typically interview questions. Whats your daily work routine? How would you act in a situation.

Are you self-directed or do you need direction?

what would be a challenge for me if offered a position

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You are required to prove your SAP knowledge, you will be asked questions about T codes and asked to solve problems/show how to get to a process.

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Tell me about your previous employments. Share with me a moment in which you handled an unpleasant customer. Tell me a moment when a project that you were in charge didn't succeed and how you reacted and handled it.

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