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Accounts Payable Coordinator Interview Questions


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Are you a fast typist?

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I type 75wpm

How do you feel about outsourcing?

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How would you handle disgruntled sales/marketing employees if they didn't provide back-up for their expense reports?

Computer programs that I have experience with

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standard questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses

What do you enjoy most/least about your current position?

The interview questions were the normal ones, what did you do at this company, what were you main tasks, do you have a criminal record, are you in college, how soon will you graduate, things like that. The online test involved typing written sentences and then listening to another set of sentences out loud and having to type them. Multi tasking where you had to click same or different for sets of numbers while answering customer service calls and assigning them to customer service reps. Large section of questions where you agree or disagree on things like...I get mad at my coworkers if they suggest changes...agree or disagree. Was not hard at all but severely dumb if you ask me. These tests need to be job based like what are Journal Entries, what are Pivot Tables, things like that.

How did you handle complication situations? can you handle fast environments?

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