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Tell me about your experience with FEA and MATLAB.

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This answer is obviously going to be personal to me. The question itself was nothing creative. They will just go through your resume. So be prepared to talk about all the things on your resume. Bring some sort of report or pictures of relevant projects. Good Luck!

Why was your GPA in graduate school lower than undergraduate?

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The questions given during the interview were characteristic, except for the brain teaser question. I do not remember the question, but I do remember eventually reaching the answer.

What are some of your prior experiences in audio?

Why you want to work in Hexcel? Your strength? Weekness? Any conflict with people? What should you improve?

(1) Fan noise (2) Valve noise in the piple

why do we use Fourier transform rather than Laplace transform to do frequency analysis on signals?

How did the interest in audio start?

Related to RF fundamentals; matching circuits, low noise amplifier design, smith chart and Q factor. Designing circuits with specific |S11| response, questions related with filter design.

None of the questions were difficult. Some HR questions included tell me 3 words that your co-workers will use to describe yourself, have you ever worked with a co-worker on a project where he was in another state, why did you apply for this particular position. Unexpected question- It was my first interview so I was panicking as to what they will ask. So the unexpected question for me was when he asked about thermal noise from a resistor and if it depends on the resistance value. Other questions included how to make the the characteristic impedance of a micro-strip line lower, design a circuit using R,L and C such that it has 0dB S11 at low frequency, 0dB S11 at high frequency and matched somewhere in between.

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