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Hawthorn Senior Living
Activities Coordinator was asked...March 22, 2023

Explain to me what you would do in your first month working here.

Imogen Foundation

Q: how would you create an inclusive environment?

Ciena Healthcare

Alot was talked about there

Brightview Senior Living

What kinds of activities would you run for the residents? How are you with feedback?

Cook Children's Health Care System

Describe an activity that you can make developmentally appropriate for a toddler, school-age, and teenager.

1 Answers

Start by reading a story, have the toddler pick a character and create it on a paper plate, have the school age do the same thing but write a summary of the story on the back of the plate. Have the teenager read a developmentally appropriate story and describe the story from different characters points of view Less

Commonwealth Senior Living

Have you ever worked at a retirement home before?

Commonwealth Senior Living

Are you looking for full-time or part-time?

1 Answers

Could you tell me about yourself


You are too experienced for this role . Why didn’t you try somewhere else ?


What do you enjoy doing?

1 Answers

Me- I’m a photographer and writer and enjoy working with people and serving the community. Her - oh please you can’t do any of that here. Try to be human Less


How do you feel about working with so many Asian people?

1 Answers

I was so taken back by this, realising that she hadn’t realised that I was from the same ethnicity. Less

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