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How did you hear actuary this profession?

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no unexpected question. Suggestion: prepare question about Geico's market share, history, state and all content in your resume.

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Technical Questions: Included answering questions about how specific things in Excel work (such as what do pivot tables work, how to use VBA macros, etc). Similarly there were technical questions about my understanding of how Universal Life Insurance and Variable Life Annuities (their main products). Finally since I was interviewing for a role within in their more Modeling and Systems group, I was asked some specifics about my knowledge of SQL, JAVA, and C++. Behavior Questions: Can you provide context to why your GPA is what it is (I had a 3.0 while I believe most of their candidates tend to be in the 3.5 range)? Can you talk about a time when you have failed? Standard behavioral questions for the most part. Hardest Questions: Some of the technical questions were pretty difficult, but my intern experience allowed me to answer them. I think I would of been stuck if I did not have the intern experience, because it was things we weren't taught in school ( I am an actuarial science major). The one question I froze on was ironically: What makes Life Insurance profitable? I was confused whether they wanted a technical answer like explaining how to price life insurance or if they were looking for something else. The interview with the director of the group was probably the most interesting. He only asked one question and it was pretty blunt(and pretty creative if you ask me). He asked more or less "What makes you different from all the other Actuarial candidates we see and why should I give you a shot at this job?"

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What's been your biggest mistake in your career thus far?

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They describe a golf course that gives a certain prize to players when they hit a hole in one. They want you to figure out what the premium should be on an insurance policy on the prize.

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I was asked about my soft skills mostly and also a little about previous work and projects . I remember being asked about things like community involvement and what kind of work environment I liked.

Describe your study habits for passing Actuarial exams

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What do you know about the life industry? What is the most pleasant and unpleasant thing you've heard so far?

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