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Actuarial Consultant Interview Questions


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How much would it cost to buy clothing for every child in America?

1 Answer

A very fair question, much like questions I have answered in the past.

What was your favorite and least favorite class in college and why?

1 Answer

how would you differentiate insurance and consulting

1 Answer

How would you solve a problem without any resources?

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Why are you making the change from your current group?

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A new and very expensive cure for an illness people on Medicaid sometimes have and how I would approach the way to price including this cure into how states pay for Medicaid

2 Answers

what is your experience related to specialty insurance? what do you know about us? Tell me an example about your time management skills what are the important factors in a teamwork

1 Answer

Tell me about a time that you took your own initiatives.

Given company A and B with same amount of employees. What are some reasons company A's health care premium for each employee is higher than that of company B?

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