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Brain teaser questions such as: You are given three baskets of fruit labeled apples, oranges, and one with both. All of the labels are wrong. You are to pick one fruit from one of the baskets and then label them correctly.

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It is important to try it on your own so that in the interview your response is natural. The process you go through is most important to the interviewer.

I would simply look at the fruit and move the labels accordingly.

basket 1: A basket 2: O basket 3: O + A choose from basket 3. case 1: if selection is O, then basket 3 is O, basket 2 is A and basket 1 is O + A case 2: If selection is A, then basket 3 is A, basket 2 is O + A and basket 1 is O

The questions were more or less standard behavioral questions of the sort - tell me a time when there was a conflict and what did you do? Times you couldn't do something, etc.

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Explain about the insurance trend in your original country

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Name a time when you had to persuade someone to agree with you in order to complete a project.

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If you were in our shoes, why wouldn't you hire you?

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You have a balance scale. You are given 9 balls. Eight of those balls all weigh the same and one wieghs more. You can use the balance scale only twice. Find the ball that wieghs more.

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No behavioral questions, nothing particularly difficult. Just a lot of expanding of my résumé. They also asked what I wanted them to take from my résumé.

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What are 3 of your weaknesses?

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What is an ethical dilemma you faced, and how did you overcome it.

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Tell me a time when you need to make decision while you have no information about it.

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