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Explain the Bornhuetter-Ferguson method.

3 Answers

Be able to articulate that this is a weighting between development of historical losses (chain-ladder) and an expected loss ratio.

In BF method we consider basic chain ladder merthod i e past patterns as wellas loss ratio i.e clain per unit of premium related to current data. So it provide a good combination .

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how you prepare for exam

1 Answer

They were interested in technicals skills and products I worked on. The LTC area seemed to be an area where there was opportunity for someone with detailed expertise in pricing valuation and review of experience data.

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Technical question I do not know

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Solve a variation of the water jug puzzle from Die Hard With a Vengeance.

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You have eight balls of equal size, but one of them is heavier than the rest. You also have a balance scale. You can only use the scale twice. How would you find the heavy ball?

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Very personal and chatty. The interviewer did not ask any behavioral questions. I think they want to see whether you can suit them by looking at how you talk with them.

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How many cubic feet in a cubic yard? I was just so caught off guard by this as he just pulled it out in the middle of the interview when I was talking about my current job.

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Have you taken a class that required a lot of reading?

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How did you cope with a group member who you disagreed with?

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