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Walk me through this project that you've done that you've listed on your resume.

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Explain the Bornhuetter-Ferguson method.

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what is your experience related to specialty insurance? what do you know about us? Tell me an example about your time management skills what are the important factors in a teamwork

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What technical skills do you have?

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Basic Excel functions, SQL

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The questions were more or less standard behavioral questions of the sort - tell me a time when there was a conflict and what did you do? Times you couldn't do something, etc.

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If you have 8 ball, all of equal weight except for 1 that is lighter, how can you figure out which one is the lightest? You can only do two weighings on a balance scale.

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Name a time when you had to persuade someone to agree with you in order to complete a project.

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the most difficult part of the final round is the group case, because it is a human capital question that has little to do with actuarial knowledge. You are put into a team of 2 - 4 and the other candidates are non-actuarial human capital candidates. You are given an hour to work on the long question with an analyst that is supposed to keep you on track (but she was jotting down notes about us the whole time during our discussion). Then we present our powerpoint to 2 managers. They gruel you about your powerpoint afterwards, and if you are not familiar with human capital concepts, you will have a very hard time like I did.

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My first question was "We've already seen your video, and that covers most of the interview questions. What questions do you have for us?"

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