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Crain Communications
Online Ad Operations Manager was asked...February 21, 2013

Unexpected - if I weren't unemployed would I still take this position and why?

4 Answers

Yes i have tha experience in the field and good skill knowledge,

I'm also ready interview attendees

Depends on what the role is, and based on my skill set and what I can offer this organization would be the deciding factor of me taking this role! Less

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Rocket Fuel

The somewhat tired, four people need to cross a bridge which can only support two people at a time plus the lantern they need to see their footing. How long does it take if Person 1 takes 1 minute to cross, #2 takes 5 minutes to cross, #3 takes five minutes, and #4 takes 10 minutes.

2 Answers

After asking several qualifying questions and not getting clear/good answers I was able to walk the interviewer through 3 different scenarios. As more details were revealed, the time to cross grew. Less

a minimum of 11 #2 and # 4 goes, then #3, then #1


what do you think we should be focusing on?

1 Answers

since the company has gone through so many sets of priorities it's hard to expect me to know what you should be focusing on other than making the numbers. Less

Goldman Sachs
AD-01 was asked...October 6, 2012

My bath has two taps and a plug hole - and a leak! The cold tap on its own fills the bath in 20 minutes, the hot one in 30 minutes. The plug hole can drain the bath in 16 minutes with the taps off. The leak would empty a full bath in 2 hours. How long will the bath take to fill if I leave both taps on with the plug left out?

1 Answers

In 24 hours: - the cold tap could fill 72 baths - the hot tap could fill 48 baths - the plug could drain 90 baths - the leak could drain 12 baths Therefore, in 24 hours, we have 72 + 48 - 90 + 12 baths full = 18 baths. Therefore each bath would take 80 minutes to fill. Less

Horizon Media

What is your typical work day like where you are currently employed?

2 Answers

There is a list of daily tasks I must accomplish but the day-to-day is not always the same since I work with multiple clients. (I gave examples of situations I am currently facing and how I am handling them). Less

Sorry didn't mean to down-vote, I found this very helpful, thank you!

Ad was asked...April 14, 2019

Data related questions were asked

2 Answers

Questions were not difficult. It was language problem with Chinese. They can not communicate in any other language except Chinese. Less

Deepak Singh


If the temperature goes from 20 to 25 Celcius. What is the percent change?

2 Answers

20 Percent

it's 25%. You probably didn't get the job.

Rocket Fuel

"What is CPM?" This was followed with "cost per thousand what?" "What is CTR?" "How is it calculated?"

2 Answers

These concepts/acronyms are so basic for our industry, I wouldn't expect to ask this of anyone who had ever worked in online advertising, let alone for a mid-level manager role?! Less

I think that: CPM = Cost Per Mile (latin) =Cost Per Thousand (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) CTR = Click Through Rate = (Number of Clicks/ Number of Impressions)*100 Less


How would you describe yourself?

2 Answers

Honest and reliable.

what is my availability? C can i fulfill the job requirements? How am i at multi tasking?. Less

Ad was asked...March 6, 2017

Why do you want to work for ANZ?

2 Answers

To build my future

I need banking sector financial job .

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