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The "Madadian Race Horses" brain teaser: you have 25 race horses and want to figure out which are the three fastest, but can only race them in groups of 5. How many races does it take? (look it up online)

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Questions were general and skill specific

Would I be OK accepting a lower salary than I desired, what if they gave me 3 weeks of vacation (they went on to list additional benefits)? (Note: this is NOT coming from HR)

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I didn't find any of the questions difficult because I had thoroughly prepared for behavioral interviews before. But be prepared with intelligent questions of your own! Make sure to spin your answers so they are relevant to the position you're applying for and what they tell you they care about. Be sincere.

How do you stay organized and handle stress? What would your manager/supervisor say about you and your work?

Name a time where you had to meet a tight deadline

If you were unable to access your Facebook account, how would go about solving that problem?

Where do you think this field is headed?

What experience do you have with Google Analytics and Ad Words?

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