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This was on a questionnaire they gave me: "What is the least amount of money (per hour) you are willing to accept?"

4 Answers

It was extremely hard for me to pin down a number, and I found the question rather offensive.

What is starting pay?

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What do you know about The shipyard?

3 Answers

How old are you?

3 Answers

What does PST mean to you?

3 Answers

What are your salary expectations?

2 Answers

Would you describe yourself a leader and why?

2 Answers

where do you see yourself in five years?

2 Answers

What is your "teaching" motto?

2 Answers

What type of animal would you be and why?

2 Answers

They asked me if I had ever worked in a Industrial Plant - even though my positions supposedly didn't have anything to do with that side of the business...

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