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What are your strengths?

1 Answer

My strengths are front office administration and accounting

This position will require the employee to work proactively. Please provide at least two examples of how you have worked proactively in the past.

Basic questions about how you would handle hypothetical situations. Somewhat redundant, since you take an exam and some of the same questions are on the exam.

The behavioral interviewing tactic caught me off guard, and it made me visibly nervous (looking away, stumbling on words). I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason why I wasn't chosen to go further.

you have been given a task by your supervisor, but you disagree with your supervisor's approach, how do you proceed? Please give us a specific example of how you have personally experienced diversity in your professional life.

1. How to handle travel and share your methods on booking a trip from beginning to end. 2.Ability to work well with other administrative staff and how to handle office politics and cattiness. 3. Confidentially on maintain and sustaining the reputation of your manager and the team.

Describe a time where you had to deal with a difficult client? how did you handle it?

They pretty much asked me about my previous experiences dealing with difficult people

Can you handle working for someone who can be really tough?

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