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How would you handle a situation where you have a client who interrupt your existing interaction with a client?

811 Answers

I request the existing client to step aside momentarily which I then assess all my available resources to assist this client. Should it then become heated I attain a manager to resolve the situation.

I politely tell the client who interrupted to please standby and that I will be able to answer their questions/handle their issues shortly. If they need immediate attention I will call a member of the team to assist.

I apologize and ask him or her to please step in line and I’ll be right with them. If they interrupt I say understand completely and look for a manager. If there isn’t one available, I’d ask for the source of their urgency. If it’s just them being difficult without an interest in telling me their issue I’d tell them I’ll be with them shortly, I just have to help another customer. Really it helps to keep things short and simple, moving along as quickly as possible with other tasks at hand.

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Do you get star struck?

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how I would handle an irate client who was upset that they were charged a $50 cancellation fee

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Have you ever worked from home or online before.

3 Answers

This was not a difficult question- however, to me deemed unnecessary: "Describe three adjectives about yourself?"

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Define yourself in one word professionally

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If I had a credit card and how much was the balance owing or how much was the credit limit

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What previous experience do you have in relation to this position?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

What 3 adjectives describe you? What makes you different/unique ? Why should we hire you? Microsoft Office skill level? Proficient important/Advanced not required !

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