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What is your worst quality.

4 Answers

I hate this question and never know what to say

typical hate question...well my answer would be...though am bad at knowing qualitative traits for it good or bad...let others to opine it with my action and frankly speaking i dont care much abt what they have to say

I would give an honest answer that has nothing to do with the position... Perhaps, "My worst quality in my opinion is my love of sweets. I know I should stay away from sugar, but I have a really strong sweet tooth!". It's lighthearted, easy to relate to, and does not raise any red flags on how well you will perform the job (unless you are interviewing for a health-conscience position/company).

Phone interview: The panel interview involved three people from human resources. One main person asked the questions, and the other two panelists asked 1 or 2 questions each. They were filtering final candidates for the on-campus interviews. These were the questions for the 30 minute phone interview: 1) Tell us about yourself 2) Tell us what you know of what an Administrative Manager does. 3) Tell us about your administrative experience 4) Tell us why you want to work at GWU 5) Did you seek & complete any outside training to improve your performance as an employee (out of your own initiative)? 6) Tell us about your tech skills (Microsoft products, databases like Banner, web design, social media, etc.) 7) How long have you been unemployed? What have you been doing during this period of unemployment? 8) If we contacted your previous employers, what would all of them say about you? 9) Why do you feel that you are the best fit for this position? 10) Do you have any questions for us? The questions were straight forward and they weren't confusing. If you share additional information about yourself, be prepared to explain it very quickly and with a minimum amount of words. They will ask follow-up questions if you deviate from the main questions. It really wasn't that bad. No need to be super nervous (for the phone interview, at least).

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Where I see myself in 5 years

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Name 3 characteristics that makes you a good candidate for the job.

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Are you currently employed?

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If you would be a creature in the forest what would it be?

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How long do you plan on being here?

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Why do you want to stop freelancing?

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What type of experience do I have?

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Would you expect a lower salary

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