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Administrative Services Coordinator Interview Questions


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"If you were needing to send out a mass mailing, tell us what process you would use,"

1 Answer

The answer they were looking for was that I would do a "MAIL MERGE" but it was just unclear as to what they really wanted.

Typical interview questions although their interview process is completely different now. It was over four years ago and no questions except "Name some of your weaknesses" which is a pretty typical question and gives you the opportunity to humble yourself. I believe the President of the company does all the hiring.

Describe a difficult situation in a past position and how you handled it emotionally

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

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Tell us about a difficult decision you had to make with a customer?

How do you define success?

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Nothing unexpected. All where the generic "When was a time you..." questions.

Please explain what experience you have

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How would you connect with subordinate employees within the first 90 days?

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