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How do you handle multiple projects at once?

3 Answers

I use a project management software to prioritize my work, so that way I can finish before the deadline without confusion or mix ups.

Simple by keeping mind calm

Another thing don't think it is multiple think it simple so you could achieve success quickly

A UNIX fie system has been reported at 100% full. You log in and clear what appears to be the offending file. However, the file system still reports to be 100% full. What could cause this?>

3 Answers

If the customer was on the phone angry and pressuring to get the system back online but you didn't know what the issue was how would you deal with the situation

1 Answer

Explain way to improve their current 15 hours database backup.

1 Answer

What did I know about Salesforce governance?

1 Answer

How do you answer the employees complaining about their paychecks not correct?

1 Answer

What are my career aspirations and how can they help me grow?

1 Answer

Write an efficient stored procedure to allocate unique integer ids.

1 Answer

How would you handle a project where no one really knows what they need or what exactly is wrong? In which it's difficult to get answers for the questions you asked due to lack of communication.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here? What is your biggest accomplishment? What has been your biggest failure? Asked some canned questions about your personality to determine what type of personality you have, i.e. type A, B, etc.

27 Answers
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