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Doesn't make a difference. Just as long as the answer is super duper cutesy wutesy & ends with the fact that you're willing to sell water to a whale.

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Obviously didn't matter. If you're the type of person described above (or can pretend to be) you may have a shot @ the Florida Ave, Busch Blvd location. If you're more of the serious, professional type, try the corporate location near the TB Bucs training facility by MLK.

I really hope you do not work at UMA. This comment about the building on MLK being more "professional" was completely inappropriate and made me feel sorry for you. I work in admissions, I'm definitely not overly enthusiastic, and I don't participate in "silly games." To the person who wrote this post, you have a complete misconception of the admissions department. Yes, it can get loud. Yes, some of the people who work here are subpar. However, I can't think of anywhere else someone can get hired, NONCOMMISSION based, and make as much money as the people in admissions. If you do well in admissions, you will advance quickly. I'm sorry you're bitter about not being hired, but this review was based on your bias of not being hired.

Receiving this message is actually a favor. Thank you for not hiring me b/c this response confirms I wouldn't be happy there. Concentrate on what you do rather than my opinion.

"Can you be on the phone all day?" Yes, I was really asked that question.

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What was my work experience? What was the customer service background?

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Tell me about a time when you where faced with a difficult situation and your outcome was negative because you made the wrong choice? What? Really?

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Hypothetically, someone walks into your office for an advising appointment, and sees that you are a very young lady, how would you handle that?

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Work history

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"Why do you feel that you would be a good asset to this company?"

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Behavorial based

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What do you think you would contribute to Kaplan University, your Admission Team, and your potential students?

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Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?

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