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"Why are manhole covers round? There's no right or wrong answer."

4 Answers

All I could think of to say was "square corners on covers might puncture car tires".

Because they are the perfect fit for the job, as I believe I would be for this position.

So there is no way for them to fall into the manhole.

I was indirectly asked if I was a member of the Jewish faith (repeatedly). After several attempts to avoid answering the question, I had no choice but to confirm that I am not Jewish. But rather, grew up in the Catholic church. The positive energy and the interest I felt they had in me vanished. HUC is a Jewish Seminary and the posting stated that someone familiar with the Jewish faith is preferred.

1 Answer

What was the reason I left my past employer?

1 Answer

What is more important being on time and unproductive or be late but productive.

1 Answer

how do you handle a call when someone else has not completed expected activity?

1 Answer

why did you leave your last job? why would this be a good fit if that wasn't?

1 Answer

I was asked how I felt about working in a healthcare environment where there were sick people.

1 Answer

Call these customers.

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What would you say to a student who enrolled in classes but then was afraid to begin because they didn't want to take out student loans?

1 Answer

How detail oriented am I?

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