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Keiser University
Admissions Counselor was asked...July 11, 2017

Why do you think education is so important

2 Answers

Life is simply another sort of classroom. You learn from those experiences. Those life experiences can also be applied in a classroom setting and vise versa. Whether in a classroom setting or in life in general, you never stop learning, making education crucial. As for employers, an education demonstrates an employee's willingness to further their career knowledge and path. Less

Education is and will continue to be a incredibly strong selling point to employees Less

Animal Care Centers of NYC

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?

2 Answers

Great White Shark



Flip it on them with a question like- please share with me one of the more expensive lawsuits you've either settled or lost, what you learned from it (if anything,) and what you have done as an organization to prevent history from repeating (if anything.)

2 Answers

You wont be hired, but you dont want to be. Get out now.

Haha, typical HR answer. This place is toxic and HR, and Talent Acquisition in particular, are absolute jokes. Do yourself a favor and run from this place as quickly as possible. Less

InGenius Prep

What was unique about your admissions process either in college or professional school that will enable you to help students achieve what you have?

1 Answers

I had a unique admissions story, and explained it to them while teasing out general themes of things applicants can do to make themselves stand out. Supporting everything with specific anecdotes seemed to impress them. Less

Westminster College (Utah)

How would you describe Westminster to someone who has never heard of us?

1 Answers

It was so important that I studied the position knew about Westminster. Expectation is that you will be able to sell the school, so you need to know about the college. Less

Verve College

Are you sure you want this ?

1 Answers

What do your parents do ?

Keiser University

I didn't go to the cattle call interview.

1 Answers

If the institution cares so little about interview process and wants to make everyone feel like a faceless cog in the machine, then it is not a place I want to work. Less

Keiser University

Have you ever worked in a call center environment?

1 Answers

I thought the admissions counselor position would be more one on one advising students rather than solely on the phone calling people. Less

Keiser University

We were asked to introduce ourselves in front of everyone and say why we felt we were qualified for the position.

1 Answers

just take notes as he speaks to get guidance on what he really wants to hear (customer service skills, passion for education, love working with people, etc) Less

Keiser University

How do you handle rejection.

1 Answers

I'm thick-skinned and it doesn't bother me. This question should have been my clue to run! Less

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