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Penn Foster, Inc
Admissions was asked...February 4, 2017

What prior experience will make you an asset to Penn Foster?

4 Answers

I brought up previous sales experience

Did they drug test before they offered the position?


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Ultimate Medical Academy

Doesn't make a difference. Just as long as the answer is super duper cutesy wutesy & ends with the fact that you're willing to sell water to a whale.

4 Answers

Obviously didn't matter. If you're the type of person described above (or can pretend to be) you may have a shot @ the Florida Ave, Busch Blvd location. If you're more of the serious, professional type, try the corporate location near the TB Bucs training facility by MLK. Less

I really hope you do not work at UMA. This comment about the building on MLK being more "professional" was completely inappropriate and made me feel sorry for you. I work in admissions, I'm definitely not overly enthusiastic, and I don't participate in "silly games." To the person who wrote this post, you have a complete misconception of the admissions department. Yes, it can get loud. Yes, some of the people who work here are subpar. However, I can't think of anywhere else someone can get hired, NONCOMMISSION based, and make as much money as the people in admissions. If you do well in admissions, you will advance quickly. I'm sorry you're bitter about not being hired, but this review was based on your bias of not being hired. Less

Receiving this message is actually a favor. Thank you for not hiring me b/c this response confirms I wouldn't be happy there. Concentrate on what you do rather than my opinion. Less

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Kindred Hospitals

"Why are manhole covers round? There's no right or wrong answer."

4 Answers

So there is no way for them to fall into the manhole.

They are the best shape to resist the compression of Earth around it and easiest shape to manufacture. Less

All I could think of to say was "square corners on covers might puncture car tires". Less

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The Lang School

It was mostly surrounded about her and her background with former Directors

3 Answers

What happened with your experience at The Lang School?

It was the worst professional experience of my life. Complete incompetence and extremely unprofessional environment. The mission of the school is great but the head of the school and senior administration are completely incompetent and detrimental to the future health of the school, especially since they are only provisionally accredited by NAIS. Stay clear. I never post about such things on these types of sites but a long time ago I knew something was going wrong in another organization and I did not have the ability to warn other people. A colleague was hurt badly. I never want to like with that kind of regret again. Less

Thank you for your concern and your review. More people need to know what is happening, especially NYSAIS!! I agree with you and think the mission is great but the head of school is horrible. She writes her own reviews on all of the other websites manipulating others, just like she does when the families put their students into that place. Someone said it right, it's a scam. Less

Team Rehabilitation

Situational question: If you are at the front desk and there is a patient you are scheduling out, the phone is ringing, the printer is out of paper, and the fax machine is jammed how do you handle this/what order do you take care of things?

3 Answers

Assist the person in front of you, possibly ask her if she could hold a second to answer the phone and immediately turn your Attention, thank the person in front of you for their pat Less

After the client’s needs are met only then can you un jam the fax machine and add paper to the printer. Less

Answer the phone and ask the patient to hold or have a nearby employee take the call - help patient in front of you to schedule appointments - tend to printer/fax machine Less

Year Up

Why do you want to work at YU?

3 Answers

if this suit a bachelor degree holder in management

I need Manny so kindly

To enough learning accept

Canada's Wonderland

What would you do if you found 5 bucks on the ground(duh...)

3 Answers

When I worked there back in 91. I found a 20.00 bill on hill near Jane st. Looked like it was left there all night so I asked my supervisor at the time Charlie what should I do with it. He said keep it Less

Technically call sup and give it to them or look around to see if anyone is looking around for it Less

If I found 5 buck on the floor I would pick it up and look around and who ever is infront of 5 give it too them Less

American Institute of Trucking

What are some of your successes in your last position?

2 Answers

I focus on my clients/customers needs first. I sell to them with confidence of product/ service. Less


The Art Institutes

Big question was "How would you relate to someone with a background clearly different than yours and get them to want to come here as a student?"

2 Answers

You dodged a bullet.

I was given a clue that the person might be wearing a T-shirt with something on it, so I made up that it was about love of fishing, and that in that case I would begin the conversation by relating to them in terms of their interest in fishing, and then go from there. Less

Keiser University

Why do you think education is so important

2 Answers

Life is simply another sort of classroom. You learn from those experiences. Those life experiences can also be applied in a classroom setting and vise versa. Whether in a classroom setting or in life in general, you never stop learning, making education crucial. As for employers, an education demonstrates an employee's willingness to further their career knowledge and path. Less

Education is and will continue to be a incredibly strong selling point to employees Less

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