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"Why are manhole covers round? There's no right or wrong answer."

3 Answers

All I could think of to say was "square corners on covers might puncture car tires".

Because they are the perfect fit for the job, as I believe I would be for this position.

So there is no way for them to fall into the manhole.

How do you handle rejection?

2 Answers

Why should we hire you? Leave us with something to remember you by.

1 Answer

Tell us about yourself

1 Answer

What do you perceive this job entails?

1 Answer

Unexpected question was how would I go about solving a problem, describe the process.

1 Answer

Tell a time when had to sell a product and overcome an objection.

1 Answer

Do you have any question for us? Was a joke.

1 Answer

They ask you whether or not you'd push a product that a customer/client didn't want.

1 Answer

How did you hear about us? Tell me a little about your work history? Would this be a position or company you would be interested in working in and for?

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