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How do you handle rejection?

2 Answers

Remain positive and find other students that would be a better fit for the school.

The reality of the educational business is that not everyone will be a fit for the institution. However, being able to handle rejection is vital. There will always be other individuals who will be interested and have the qualifications to enroll in school. Maintaining a optimistic attitude can contribute to a positive outlook on the times when rejection comes.

"Why are manhole covers round? There's no right or wrong answer."

4 Answers

Parents are complaining that their child was to short for a ride, what would you do?

1 Answer

Rides were down most of the day, and the parents are complaining about it. What would you do?

1 Answer

sales experience

1 Answer

If your friend had one word to describe you, what would it be?

1 Answer

How detail oriented am I?

1 Answer

If things got difficult would I be able to handle the pressure.

1 Answer

Unexpected question was how would I go about solving a problem, describe the process.

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What do you perceive this job entails?

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