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You are overqualified. What makes you think you would stay?

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You are aware of the job market, today?

I was indirectly asked if I was a member of the Jewish faith (repeatedly). After several attempts to avoid answering the question, I had no choice but to confirm that I am not Jewish. But rather, grew up in the Catholic church. The positive energy and the interest I felt they had in me vanished. HUC is a Jewish Seminary and the posting stated that someone familiar with the Jewish faith is preferred.

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Why you were let go from your last company if you were the number one person in sales? That doesn't make any sense! Why would they let you go???

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What was a strength and weakness my manager put on my last yearly review?

Which person in this room, not yourself, would be the best choice for this position?

What is a conflict you have had in the past and how did you resolve it?

How many golf balls can you fit in a bus? Have you heard of Tim Draper?

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