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American Institute of Trucking
Admissions Representative was asked...August 20, 2015

What are some of your successes in your last position?

2 Answers

I focus on my clients/customers needs first. I sell to them with confidence of product/ service. Less


Remington College

"Do you think a Supervisor should be liked of feared?"

2 Answers


none. they should be respected and they should respect back. this sort of question is brought up to compare dictators "to be loved or to run with an iron fist" if you cross paths where you need to ask this question to someone you should fear that the supervisor is a very strict person. Less

Florida Career College

Predetermined interview questions are asked (around the room in order) The last question is who, out of the room would you recommend and why (you cannot recommend yourself)

2 Answers

Recommend a person that has background that resembles yours and why you would select that person. Less

I answered by picking the strongest person. I was very descriptive of what i saw in her. The idea here is to see how good you are at recognizing talent above your own. don't compare your self to anyone. They already know who you are at this point of the interview. Less

Lincoln Tech

how long is the automotive tech course? what are the hours for the morning class? and evening class?

2 Answers

you better take notes from the slide presentatio of you'll get these very hard interview questions wrong!!! Less

unless they have added courses the automotive class is 13-14 months morning class is from 8-2 night class is 5-9:30 Less

Brightwood College

Are you able to work with less than favorable potential students?

2 Answers


Not after you told me about their past.

Ultimate Medical Academy

How would you handle an angry caller?

2 Answers

Ask them what's wrong and I am here to help answer any questions they may have.

Yes maddam/ Sir I know you are angry but can I assist you with the matter so we can get a positive result to resolve your issue. Less

Remington College

How do you handle rejection?

2 Answers

Remain positive and find other students that would be a better fit for the school. Less

The reality of the educational business is that not everyone will be a fit for the institution. However, being able to handle rejection is vital. There will always be other individuals who will be interested and have the qualifications to enroll in school. Maintaining a optimistic attitude can contribute to a positive outlook on the times when rejection comes. Less

Bryant & Stratton College

How do you feel about making 100-200 calls a day in order to influence prospects to enroll into classes?

2 Answers

That is a ridiculous amount of calls. Are you kidding?

Why don't you just hire an Auctioneer instead?

Pima Medical Institute

What's your morning routine? Are you a hunter or a farmer? What's the last best thing you've done?(then went on to say that the last group had someone who donated his kidney)

2 Answers

It was rapid fire answering around the table. I didn't get the position so I guess I answered wrong. Less

Do they drug test

South University

Had to overcome objections in mock interview such as, ' I am too busy to talk right now.' Had to continue w/ conversation as if were working with actual student.

2 Answers

No problem, I totally understand a busy schedule, and I apologize if I interrupted anything. Before I set up a different time for me to call you, let me ask you a quick question, would you consider it a priority to further your education? Less

What are you busy doing? just wanted to know your educational goals...

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