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Explain the data structure you would use to implement pop() and push(Object, int) for a Priority Queue.

7 Answers

I had said red black tree. He seemed to agree

Would a heap not be more appropriate?

Did you get the job?

How do you handle rejection?

2 Answers

The use the star interview technique.

1 Answer

Why I was considering moving to Seattle from the San Francisco Bay Area? The director at the time was very curious as to why I was willing to take a pay cut from my current job and relocate to Washington State.

1 Answer

The questions are typical sales/behavioral interview questions. Study the aforementioned style interviewing style and you will be fine.

1 Answer

Why do I want to work there

1 Answer

What is my plan to get a student all the way through the enrollment process and to get him to show up in class?

1 Answer

Would you have a problem with seeing patients coming in bleeding, or having been in accidents, etc.?

1 Answer

Would you be able to handle beligerent, rude or drunk patients that come into the ER - without losing your cool?

1 Answer

What can you contribute to our company in admissions department.

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