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Adult Entertainment interview questions

MGM Resorts International Interviews  /  HQ: Las Vegas, NV

116 Interviews

2.7 Average

Chicago Twenty Something Interviews  /  HQ: Chicago

24 Interviews

2.1 Easy

Playboy Interviews  /  HQ: Beverly Hills, CA

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Interview Questions

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What types of computer skills do you possess?

5 Answers

excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft office E


What would you do if.... (projector went down, lost power, computer froze, class got out of control, etc)

2 Answers

"Can you explain what the job is?"

2 Answers

Tell me about your teaching style? Or might be phrased as learning style or something similar.

1 Answer

Have you ever had to deal with any difficult clients? How did you resolve the problem?

1 Answer

Who do you know that can help me?

1 Answer

What are you prepared to do with an employee who refuses to be a team player?

1 Answer

Elaborate on quirks of box-model margin and padding

1 Answer

I had lots of SQL questions from how to create indexes, when to use the different joins, Use of views in SQL, how to improve efficiency of query, and how to write sql programmes for large data sets.

1 Answer

The most difficult question was asked after my training was complete. I was asked "Do you think you can handle this?" After two 8 hours shifts I was on my own, alone, in the store.

1 Answer
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