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Basic question such as: What sources of information would you use to solve a problem. (Very standard interview questions you can find online).

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I stated I would ask other Analysts or SME's, online documentation inside/outside organization, text/technical books/magazines.

Write a sudo code for travels salesman problem

Typical behavioral- tell me about yourself, why Accenture, most difficult challenge, etc etc

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How would you convinced that your project is efficient to companies who only want profits?

Most of the questions were very basic. They didn't really ask anything that threw me off guard.

Describe your research project. Are you familiar with semi-parametric models? What are the things you can do if data is fairly limited, say with only 5 observations? What is the most difficult decision you have to make in the past year? Why are you interested in the insurance business? Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

Write out a program that tests whether a number is a prime number.

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