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Describe the steps you'll use to solve a technical problem

What is the best way to stack dimensions on a drawing for a bracket to be used to secure a motor? Two drawings were given and an answer with an explanation was required.

All was pretty standard. Only one question was tricky where they asked me how I would prioritize the production schedule. But, I gave an answer based on what I did and it was convincing enough.

They asked me about some experience I wrote on my resume. They asked why I choose my major, what I like about my major.

Tell us about your experience in your resume. Any thing else you want to add?

Typical situational questions. Engineering questions were design based

a room has two divisions. one contain three incandescent bulbs and the other division contains 3 switches. how would you recognize which one belongs to which one, provided that you can go and see the other division once.

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