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Modern Marketing (South Carolina)
Assistant Advertising was asked...March 26, 2015

What is future like for you?

2 Answers

I told them that I'm going to pursuit my career which is advertising Not Marketing!!! By the way the job is not marketing either it is store to store selling ! Less

Achieving Goals that I set for my self, and perfecting my abilities and skills. To one day run my own business Less

The National Institute for Home Care Accreditation

How would you rank your emotional intelligence from 1-10?

1 Answers

I would rank my emotional intelligence a 10 as I am a very empathetic person and tend to have a good perspective on situations whether it be personal or professional. Less

Modern Marketing (South Carolina)

Why should we hiring you ?

1 Answers

IDK, I just said whatever this kind of interviewer who is years younger than me wanna hear !!! Less

SGV Marketing

Before the interview they gave us a weird form, with a bunch of boxes each containing 4 character traits. It looked like this: You are: A) Persistent B) Outgoing C) Introverted D) Determined Next to each trait you put "Most" and "Least". There were about 25 of these boxes, after completing the form they ask you to add up the total number of letters you scored in each category. For example MOST: A__ 11 B__ 2 etc This may sound insignificant, albeit strange, but it's worth mentioning because I believe this was more important than the actual interview. It had nothing to do with being an account manager and certainly nothing to do with a Marketing and Advertising Assistant (which I found on Linkedin). As others have mentioned this is all about door to door solicitation, regardless of what you actually go into the office under the pretense for. They're hoping you mark "Most" in boxes that demonstrate that you will be a good salesman in the field.

1 Answers

I filled out the form honestly. I'm more of a solitary worker, which is a reason why I like to work in the digital marketing world. When it came to the interview, this is rich, the guy (Flynn I think he said his name was? He had a western european accent, some form of British) didn't even know what I applied for. Strange considering how detailed the email to me was, right? He also, contrary to the email, did not ask me for my pay expectations. Or really much about my background or anything. He outlined 4 quadrants of their business and emphasized that the interview was the easy part and that if interested they would call me back for an "observation day". I asked him further about this and he said I would watch other people do the job for a day and a determination would be made from there. Honestly, everything was being pushed towards sales. The job I applied for was not even mentioned and the job they said I was qualified for wouldn't have been mentioned if I didn't cut into the scripted pitch he was selling me. HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: I went into that very same office before, except when I did it prior the company was called First-Reaction. They also go by Renegade Global Group. Look them up on Glassdoor. It's the same dingy office. I am sure they run by a number of different names to keep their reputation clean(er). I don't even think that it's a legal operation the way it's being run and I am considering taking legal action against them. If you get an interview request and the address is 690 8th ave, 5th floor, DO NOT GO. They are scammers. Even if you're desperate I suggest you work elsewhere. Human Trafficking organizations are less sleazy than these guys. Less

Tell us about yourself.

1 Answers

Basic personal information about past jobs and personal qualities that would lend themselves to the job I thought I was applying for. Less

FOX News

Basic questions: So tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work here? What is your availability like?

1 Answers

I answered each question while questioning myself if I am in the right department for the position that I had applied for. Less

Matrix Media Services

How do we know you won't keep looking for another job?

1 Answers

This job only pays about $20,000 a year and the company is terrified of anyone accepting it still hunting for a job. Anyone who does accept this position absolutely should keep looking for another job. Again, even for recent graduates, don't waste your time here. Less

Time Inc.

They asked that I expand upon my resume and questions about my past experience in Advertising.

1 Answers

i highlight various past advertising experiences as it related to the position I was applying for. Less

Push Interactions

No questions in the initial "interview", but they send you a questionnaire after that asks questions such as: What made you apply to the company? How do you define success? How do you define leadership? What goals do you have? What makes you a better candidate?

1 Answers

Did not proceed forward

Snappy Kraken

What was something that I was concerned about in working remotely?

1 Answers

I was worried about connecting with fellow employees and maintaining healthy workplace relationships due to not seeing everyone face to face. But, Snappy Kraken does a great job in being intentional with their communication and they do a great job in fostering a healthy workplace environment. Less

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