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What role do you usually take in a project?

They asked me where my motivation comes from. And I wasn't completely surprised with the question due to the fact it concedes with what type of a person I am and how I portray myself. I guessed they were looking for how driven and focused I would be in the position. I responded and would say I'm not too bad at interviews. They asked me mostly what relevant sales experience had I prior done and how am a problem solving. All the questions seemed relevant to the position.

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How do you define the sales process of closing a potential lead?

I completed the program as a student, so I was asked about my experience.

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They asked the general questions that you would expect for a financial adviser role, such as... Why do you want to do this? Why do you think you would be good at this? They mostly assessed my personality, after all, the position relies on people skills. They did not ask that many technical questions, if any. They asked various questions about school and life in general and are happy to see any individual that displays confidence. Lastly, they did ask one question that you can prepare for, they ended the interview by asking, "Why are you a better choice than other candidates?" I suggest preparing your answer ahead of time for this question, I imagine this is one of the more important answers they are looking for.

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Can you explain the job to us? What is the day to day like?

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How would you descript your way of building your business and contacting your customers?

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Would I be able to drive the 50 miles to and from my home.

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What would you do if you and another TA gave a student conflicting information?

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