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I really prepared very well for the case so know your basics and dont rush. Think before opening your mouth and talk sense like a proper consultant. You can make flow charts/diagrams if you like- they helped me a lot.

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Do the behavioral questions well in advance and have a rough idea or key points to make the conversations interesting and engaging.

What is your proudest achievement?

Tell me about a time when you were doing an assignment or a task and halfway through, you realized that what you were doing was completely wrong. How did you handle it?

Tell me about yourself Which project did you enjoy the most? Which project was challenging?

Behavioral type questions; case was about how a financial services firm can increase their revenue and cut costs, what line of businesses would be profitable

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Describe the different management styles you have had and how did you work with them?

1.Where will you stay if you have 1 million? 2.What's your five year plan, give a specific position? 3.other common behlviourals.

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