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The case involved a client who was experiencing declining profitability in one of its lines of business. Two questions were asked: 1) What approach would you use to understand why there is a decline in profitability?, and 2) Calculate revenues by LOB based on percentage of total revenue by year (numbers were provided).

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For #1, I listed out what could affect profitability (i.e. decline in revenues, increased operating costs, product substitution, cannibalization, new competition, etc.). #2 was straight-forward multiplication, nothing too difficult.

Would you be willing to narrow your focus?

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The senior partner was looking for some specific domain knowledge and IT skills

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What was the recent most challenging situation you faced ?

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1) What capabilities and results have you delivered in past roles and organizations? 2) What are you looking for in a potential employer? 3) If I was meeting with the CIO or the COO for a Financial Services IT Transformation program or Business Transformation program; what are the 5 things I should tell them to look out for?

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Do you think you can handle the consulting Ifestyle?

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Can you follow through and close deals?

Tell me about your experience with leading large teams

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