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Advisory Services Staff Interview Questions


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Tell me about yourself. What makes you excited to go to work? Tell me about your past experience at ____? How do you keep up with the news? What about *insert job title* makes you feel like you would be a good fit?

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With whatever came to me at the time

If you had 2 production lines, how would you decide which one has more value than the other?

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If a client were debating building an apartment building or a condo, what would you need to know to advise them and what would you suggest they do

What's the most challenging project you have worked on? And how and where do you gather new information?

I ended up meeting my interviewer the evening before at the EY Candidates Reception. I felt that a lot of questions that would be asked during the formal interview got answered right there. As a result I think my actual formal interview was weak.

Can you tell me about a situation where you use your leadership skill?

They asked how I approach testing accounts payable.

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