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Aerospace Engineering was asked...March 13, 2021

Would you be able to work 10 weeks full time during the summer?

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Piper Aircraft

How many golf balls fit in a bus? Imagine you are in a canoe in a pool and you are holding a bowling ball. Is the water level higher with the bowling ball in the canoe, or if you throw it in the water?

1 Answers

The water level in a finite, confined pool will remain the same whether the bowling ball is in the canoe or in the water. Less

Enviro Systems

The interviewer looked at my gpa and asked why it was the way it was.

1 Answers

My gpa was average, so I was kind of taken aback. I told the interviewer about a class and a professor that I struggled with. Less

Indian Institute of Science

control volume analysis, behaviour of advection equation

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failed to give the right answer

Babcock International Group

Why did you apply to Babcock? Tell us about a time where you have worked as part of a team

1 Answers

Used company values from the website with personal experiences

Scaled Composites

How do you see yourself fitting in at Scaled

1 Answers

Very well, I love to build anything and aircraft would be the best. All in composite materials,that's the best of today technologies. Now learning more about composites is new life of knowledge. Not only on aircraft but apply that knowledge to the auto industry and you well have a whole new world to explore in Today /Tomorrow and For Ever.Until you run out of things to make..... NEVER!!!!! Less


What challenges do airbus face, who are their main competitors and what does airbus do?

1 Answers

I answered using the different parts and vehicles they make, i also answered BOEING Less

IIT Madras

Preference for PhD project: Experimental, Computational or theoretical.

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Who are airbus main competitors

1 Answers

Name other companies in aerospace industry


What motivates you to do your job the best? If there is something you don't like to do during a project/task, how will you overcome it?

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Doing what I love and am interested in motivates me to work my best. If I don't like some specific tasks, I will think about the challenges ahead and push me through the difficult phase in order to get to the interesting part of the job. Less

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