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AERS Advisory Summer Internship Interview Questions


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What is your preferred method of communication? i.e. e-mail, in person, via telephone, etc. If you were working at Deloitte on a project for company XYZ, and one of the employees of XYZ had a piece of data that you needed to complete your project, how would you go about contacting him? If that employee had not responded to your e-mail, voice message, or other efforts how would you go about getting the information?

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My answer was to e-mail the employee a second time and follow up with a phone call or voicemail later. My assumption was that the employee was not intentionally avoiding me and would get back to me as soon as he could. My interviewer said that the best way to go about this situation would be to e-mail the employee at XYZ addressing his unresponsiveness and asking again for the information, while cc'ing his boss or manager on the e-mail. This seemed very confrontational, like tattling on the employee, which would have created a negative relationship where one may not have existed before. However, if the employee seemed to be intentionally and repeatedly ignoring e-mails and calls, I can see how resorting to that option would be necessary.