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What is your general attitude toward disciplining children?

3 Answers

I said that kids need structure, but it's important to be flexible and patient and always to remember what it was like to be a kid.

Nice, Hard Spanking, WITH THE BELT! and if they continue, pepper spray on the genitals.

Where I work we just tell them. There are consequences for actions. If you make a bad choice, you may lose 5 minutes of something for example, if you make good choices, sometimes you get rewarded, but we always praise good choices.

How well do you do under pressure with children?

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What has you previous experience been working with children?

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What is your childcare experience?

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What are your views on how to discipline a child?

What excites you most about the job?

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If you were to work here, which clubs would you like to teach?

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How will you handle a situation with rowdy kids?

When are you available to work?

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