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American Income Life
Insurance Sales Agent was asked...July 15, 2014

Are you comfortable with entering people's homes and explaining/handling insurance policies?

4 Answers


I’m comfortable but need to learn and willing to


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American National Insurance

How would you generate sales.

2 Answers

Identify the target market( Lower income families age 45-85) drop 1000 piece mailings every week to target market. As the 1to2% leads come in generated from the mail piece I would call prospects, verify they have a checking account, make an appointment. This is a one call close so you should sell 70% of appointments. Ask for referrals and knock on doors to the left and to the right and across the street. Also, I would knock on doors in the above mentioned neighborhoods. There is $20 behind every door and I would knock on as many as I could. Final Expense is an easy sell, you just have to get out there and work. Randy C. Less

Pursuing all my friends who are just now in the stage of life where they need insurance for things. Less

Twelve Hotels

How would you add to the team?

2 Answers

By providing Amazing customer service

I had 6months of taking over an HOA run condo resort in Orlando Florida, which is just outside of Disney. There's no greater pressure then working in the country's largest tourist destination. There's no greater pleasure than pleasing someone that has literally saved all year, just to stay with you. Less

Radisson Hotels Americas

have you had any experience in the hotel/hospitality industry?

2 Answers

No, but I have customer service experience. I worked as a hostess for two years in high school, and I worked at a grocery store between college terms in the summer. Less

no. I have not

Rodeo Realty

What would be your marketing strategy for running your business ?

1 Answers

Remember, that being a real estate agent is running your own business and your practice dictates the level of success you get. Less


They asked about my experience in purchasing and procurement

1 Answers

I told them about my background in buying electronic components

Marriott International

If you had a guest who came to the front desk angrily inquiring about why his shower was without hot water and you were also on the other line with another guest trying to answer a few of their questions while a few guests wanted to check -in, what would you do in this type of situation to make everyone happy?

1 Answers

I would ask the person on the other line to please hold while I find out the answers to their questions, ask the angry guest to please come forward so I could help them with their issue & call maintenance while also politely thanking the other guests waiting in line for being so patient. Then I would answer the guest's questions who is on the phone, quickly hang up, and help the guests waiting in line. Less

Fathom Realty

What are the issues in being successful as an agent which Fathom Realty should focus in our quest to optimal optimize Agent's personal success?

1 Answers

I repliedco-branding marketing would be useful in building an agent's business. I noted that carefully choosing talented ethical agents would in long run be beneficial by association to all agents. Also mentioned were having a streamlined compliance approval for deals was appreciated as well as simple recognition of being on a a path to success. Less

Coldwell Banker

Tell me about your experience in sales?

1 Answers

I had a door-to-door salesman job in high school that also involved making cold calls. For a couple years in a college, I worked at a department store where I made commission-based income, so I was driven to make as many sales as possible. Less

Huntsman Corp

They asked if I had experience with SAP.

1 Answers

I answered yes and explained that I worked with a printer manufacturing company for 7 years and built printers from the ground up adding all parts needed to build a printer into SAP. I also worked for a chemical manufacturing company and put requisition in SAP to order supplies and furniture for 30 associates on my team. Less

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