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Toyota Connected North America
Agile Business Analyst was asked...March 26, 2021

Toyota Great Britain runs a corporate pool car fleet for employees to use when driving to meetings or conducting official business for Toyota. They want a product to initially solve the following problems: • Make the fleet as efficient as possible by: ◦ Minimising wastage (i.e. cars sitting idle) ◦ Monitor fuel usage/consumption and CO2 emissions and maybe %EV distance travelled per trip (for hybrid cars) to help them make decisions about the vehicles to use in their fleet (with a view to minimising emissions and fuel usage)

1 Answers

• What further information do you need to gather and how do you gather it?

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Scrum events and which is most important and why. What is use-case and how do you define use case with examples. How do you communicate with stakeholder with example. Scenario based questions and behavioural questions

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based on honest experience.


In hindsight, when you've made certain decisions that have later turned out to be poor choices, how have you felt and would you make those same decisions again?

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I'm a culmination of my choices and experiences so yes but I accept mistakes and try to learn from them. Some lessons are harder than others but all help you grow and hopefully improve. Less

Education and Skills Funding Agency UK

Some of the question: - About yourself, Role and responsibilities in current role, - Agile Principles, Project end life cycle, Leadership/Management/training experience - Requirement Elicitation/Analysis, User stories, Testing concepts, How do you make a good BA? - Work Visa Requirement

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All the above answers were provided using live business analysis experience mapping to Civil service competency (using the techniques STAR) Less


1: Describe a time you have used data to come up with something creative. 2: How have you encouraged collaboration?

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With relevant answers STAR approach. The interviewers looked as if they were going through the motions. No warmth or rapore just asked the questions, thank you - goodbye. Less


Tell me more about yourself

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My current, past and future experience

Computer Services

General questions about my past experience


Explain about the current Business Analyst task done on my current job

J.P. Morgan

Basic Agile questions and scenarios.

Morgan Stanley

Basic BA questions by non-BA interviewers

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