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Agile project manager Interview Questions

"When hiring agile project managers, companies will look for candidates who can coordinate the iterative and incremental teamwork-based processes needed to manage projects with an agile rather than traditional management approach. Before attending an interview, prepare to explain how you plan to promote teamwork and collaboration among project members, work closely with everyone on a project to ensure all members remain informed, and adjust projects on-the-fly to accommodate frequent changes in expectations as a project moves along in the development process."

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"name the 3 types matrices used to manage risk in a project using information taken from PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) "If you have 5 projects running concurrently, describe a single matrix that would easily show how each of those projects were doing"

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For both of these questions, I told them if there was a single correct answer, I didn't know it...but I walked them through how I would handle each question.

Why is an Agile Project Manager interview based on the PMBOK? That's a really, really bad sign. :)

For the second question, I'd probably use either a cost/schedule variance chart... since you can't assume the same budget or schedule for any of the projects, variance against plan would likely be the best way to go.

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How do you run an Agile meeting?

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What Kind of Metrics Do You Use When Measuring a Project’s Progress?

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They gave example projects and asked how I would plan and manage them.

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I was asked to tell about a typical day at my recent client engagement. The work at my recent client engagement did not correlate to the role I was interviewing for. Unfortunately he continued to focus on the role, instead of asking questions about my previous engagement which was similar to the role with his organization. Unexpected Questions: Please explain, "What is a Sprint Planning Meeting"? Please explain "Planning Poker".

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What salary are you targeting?

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